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San Diego’s Premier Doggy Day Care
Run, Fetch, Play, Train!
  • We automatically charge all package by credit card klients when their package depletes to 1 use or less. Please keep track of your pup’s kamp days. This way if you ever decide to switch your billing option, and do not wish to be charged for another package, you can let us know before your card is automatically charged for a new package. If you aren’t sure how many days are left on your pups package, feel free to ask us.

  • We want all of our dogs to stay healthy so we need up-to-date vaccinations and test results. For this reasons we require our Vet Health Form to be filled out by your vet every time one of our required vaccines or fecal tests needs to be or has been updated. We appreciate your cooperation on this matter and hope that you feel secure that all of our Kampers are current.

  • You can drop off at 7am. Kamp Kanine’s regular business hours are Monday-Friday 7am – 6pm. Excluding major holidays.

  • No, as the evaluation needs to take place without any outside influence, a low stress location and environment to reduce the dogs potential anxiety. The disposition and temperament of the dog will be different without the owner present. Allowing us a minimum of two hours for an evaluation lets us get a more accurate read on your dogs energy, temperament, anxiety and social personality. We do have an area apart from the dog yards where you can see down into our dog yard facility. Please ask about this if you are interested.

  • Dogs are placed together in each of the yards based on their size, age, energy and temperament. Each day is different as Kamp Kanine allows Klient’s to drop off and pick up dogs at their convenience making each day a unique group of dogs to place in the yards.

  • When shopping for the right place to provide care for your dog, it can be easy to get bogged down in all the language and technical terms that may be thrown at you. The process of finding the right facility can be stressful and time-consuming. One example of the type of language you’ll hear often is when daycare and boarding facilities talk about their “staff to dog ratio.” As a consumer, it can be easy to wonder, what does this mean? And how much does it really matter?

    Thinking about it simply, one would assume that a facility that has ten dogs per one person will provide better care for your dog than a facility that operates with a fifteen-to-one ratio, but, ultimately, it’s much more complex than that. Those numbers are often arbitrarily chosen to make the facility sound safer. Ultimately, staff-to-dog ratios depend on the temperament of the dogs and the skill of the yard attendants monitoring the groups. For example, one person with just five dogs sounds great. But, if those dogs aren’t suited for a group play environment, the yard attendant will end up dealing with a much more chaotic space that contains a much higher risk of incident. Oppose that to an experienced and competent yard attendant who is monitoring 100 dogs, all of whom have been carefully assessed, and have an appropriate temperament for group play. That yard, despite having a larger ratio of dogs to handlers, will be under control and filled with dogs who are playing and interacting appropriately.

    Often facilities will utilize this type of language as a marketing ploy to sell the consumer a possible marketing ploy to disguise their staff’s lack of experience and competency and that they have a safe environment. A competent yard attendant who has been well trained in observing body language and proper preventative and intervention techniques, who has a group of dogs that have been carefully curated and assessed by qualified staff, will be able to safely monitor and control a much larger group of dogs.

    At Kamp Kanine, every dog that comes into our facility is assessed by our kamp manager and closing manager who have over 50,000 dogs at daycare experience in assessing the size, age, energy and disposition of a potential Kamper in a carefully controlled environment. This is to see how well they respond to corrections from other dogs, what type of energy they bring into a space, and how responsive they are to verbal and physical cues from our attendants. Our attendants are also experienced and trained in play management, prevention, and intervention. Each of them understands how to diffuse a conflict in the yard before it starts by reading the body language, listening to audible cues, and being proactive in how they are organizing and controlling the space. This combination of well-curated dogs and well-trained staff is ultimately more important than any randomly chosen ratio and should be more what you are looking for when choosing a doggy day care facility.

    If the daycare business boasts about the number of staff members and not about the qualifications of their team and the thoroughness of their temperament assessment process for group play, that should be a big red flag for you to keep shopping. In the true spirit of “quality over quantity,” what you should be looking for is a facility that has well qualified yard attendants and staff who will put the time and energy required into getting to know your dog, their individual needs, and their behaviors. Our well-trained staff is why we can provide the level of care that we do. How many of us are here at a time won’t, and shouldn’t change anything about the quality of care your pet will receive!