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San Diego’s Premier Doggy Day Care
Run, Fetch, Play, Train!
Kamp Kanine offers

Cage Free doggy daycare at its best!

We are a cage-free doggy daycare that offers the premium convenience of dropping off and picking up at your discretion. There is no need to check in, make an appointment, check availability, or check our schedule to make sure Kamp Kanine will accept your type of dog(s) for daycare that day. You can drop off for up to 11 hours or just a few hours for a flat rate fee based on the package you choose. Our kamp consists of outdoor play areas that include shade and water in every yard, which are fun, safe and supervised for dogs to romp, play and socialize to their hearts content! Do you want to see how your precious dog(s) are doing? You can request a personal picture or video of your dog(s) to be sent to your phone or email rather than trying to find them on a live feed.

It’s more than just the larger play areas that make us unique. It is also 100% cage-free. Your dog will receive exceptional care by our attentive staff, who are trained to be familiar with dog behavior and certified in dog CPR and first aid.

We also offer dog express washing, some grooming services, private obedience training, and Klasses you will find only at Kamp Kanine. Your pup will love it, and so will you!

The Benefits of

Dog Daycare

Our modern dogs are unlike the dogs of the past. Dogs used to have at least one parent at home to care, exercise, and pamper them. Today’s dogs have both parents working, or one parent working long hours or multiple jobs. It's also possible you work remotely and need a distraction free work space at home on a busy day. Whether or not this is the case, there is less time to give our dogs what they need. Daycare, especially cage free daycare, fills this need.

verified-badge Exercise

Obviously, dogs need to run, sniff, play, socialize and just be a dog. Larger outside spaces with shade, water, sunshine and friends will wear them out!

verified-badge Socialization

Dogs are, by nature, social creatures. Having dog and human friends makes them a well rounded and happier pet.

verified-badge Emotional Intelligence

Generally you will find that dogs exposed to the more normal, stable, predictable, and repeatable behaviors at doggy daycare will tend to avoid or approach with more caution dogs that exhibit aggressive, strange or unpredictable behaviors in public such as the dog park, dog beach, or other doggy social gatherings.

verified-badge Mental Stimulation

Even if your pup just likes to sit and watch, there are plenty of places to rest and watch the shenanigans to keep them mentally active.

verified-badge Potty Training

Allowing dogs to play and potty outside enforces the training they learned early on.

verified-badge Guilt

Say good-bye to the look your dog gives when you are too tired or busy to take them for a walk or dog park.

verified-badge Dog Park

Dog parks can be unpredictable, but at Kamp Kanine, you have the peace of mind knowing that dogs are placed in select groups after passing temperament testing, current on shots and get along with others.


Begin Doggy Daycare, Now!

For some of our Klients the best part of their day is watching the excitement when they drop their dog at Kamp Kanine. Some also love picking their dog up after daycare and seeing the greeting and happy dance all the way to the car, then the snoring before they even get home. That’s our goal, that’s what we do, and we love helping you do what’s best for your dog.