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Run, Fetch, Play, Train!

Assumption of Risks and Liability

  • Client is the legal and registered owner of each Dog.
  • Client understands that Kamp Kanine Dogs attending daycare should be spayed or neutered by six months of age if you want to wait we can discuss. Licensed and current on all vaccinations.
  • Client hereby releases Kamp Kanine of any liability of any kind arising from Dog’s participation in any and all services provided by or on behalf of Kamp Kanine.
  • Client understands that there are risks associated with an off leash, cage free socialization environment for dogs. Client agrees to such risks and accepts these risks. Client understands that while socialization and play is monitored to prevent injury, it is still possible that during the course of normal socialization or play Dog may receive nicks, scrapes, scratches, punctures, cuts and other injuries. Any discovered injuries to Dog will be pointed out to me by staff upon pick up.
  • Client grants permission for Kamp Kanine to take photographs and videos of Dogs at Kamp Kanine and during provisions of services to Client and Dogs, and to use such images and videos for publication or promotion.
  • Client understands that in admitting each Dog for services at Kamp Kanine, Kamp Kanine has relied upon my representations that each Dog is in good health, has not been exposed to any communicable diseases with the last 30 days and has not injured, or shown aggression or threatening behavior toward any person, dog or other animal.
  • Client understands and agrees that neither Kamp Kanine nor its owners, employees, contractors or volunteers will be liable financially or otherwise for injuries or damage to a Dog or other dogs, or any property, while Dog is participating in services or transportation provided by Kamp Kanine.
  • Client understands and agrees that any problems with a Dog, behavioral, medical or otherwise will be treated as deemed in the best interest of Dog and Kamp Kanine employees by Kamp Kanine as determined by Kamp Kanine in its sole discretion. Client assumes full financial responsibility and all liability for any and all expenses involved with the behavior and health of my dog.
  • Client understands that Client is solely responsible, financially or otherwise for any harm caused by Dogs, including bites or injuries to other dogs, employees, visitors, or guests, and for any damage caused by Dogs while attending daycare or participating in services provided by Kamp Kanine.

Walk-In, Drop-Off, and Pick-Up Policies and

  • 2nd Emergency contact and phone must be provided.
  • Unless paid for in advance, services must be paid for at the time Dog(s) are being dropped off.
  • No check-in needed for drop off and pick up after passing temperament evaluation.
  • If Dog(s) remain at Kamp Kanine past 6:30 p.m., the Dog(s) will be sent home with a qualified Kamp Kanine owner or employee, and Client will be charged an overnight lodging fee of $100 per Dog. Client may pick up overnighted Dogs the following day during Kamp Kanine normal drop-off or pick-up hours. The daily rate per day per Dog will be charged for each Dog(s) not picked up prior to the to 6 p.m. pick-up time frame.
  • Client agrees to abide by all Kamp Kanine policies and procedures, including the walk-in, drop-off and pick-up policies.
  • Dog(s) can be dropped off at your convenience at 7 a.m. or later and must be picked up by 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • Client agrees to pay late pick-up fee of $1.00 per minute per each Dog that remains in Kamp Kanine’s care after 6 p.m. Kamp Kanine’s office time clock is the only clock that will be used to determine drop-off and pick-up times.
  • Dogs may only be picked up by authorized persons

Payment and Payment Conditions

Client agrees to pay Kamp Kanine the current fee(s) for all daycare and optional customer-approved services provided. The current fee schedule is available on Kamp Kanine’s website and by request. Client agrees that payment is due at the time service is rendered, unless Client has purchased a prepaid package. Any check returned for any reason will incur a $20 returned check fee, which will be in addition to Client’s outstanding balance. Client is required to keep a valid credit card on file with Kamp Kanine. The card will be used for services rendered or if Client agrees to recurring payments. The credit card can be used as a backup billing option if Client pays by check and if such check is returned unpaid for any reason and remains unpaid or if account balance remains unpaid for 10 days past due date. The credit card will be used in the event any emergency veterinary services must be paid for at the time a Dog is admitted for treatment. Client agrees to notify Kamp Kanine of any billing discrepancies within 120 days from date of discrepancy.

Termination of Services, Cancellation, Refunds

Kamp Kanine’s reserves the right to terminate services, in its sole discretion, if: (i) in Kamp Kanine’s sole judgment Dog(s) is dangerous or vicious or (ii) Client breaches any term or condition of this Agreement. Upon termination, Kamp Kanine’s services to Client and Dog(s) shall terminate, but all other provisions of this agreement shall survive. Client agrees to promptly pay all outstanding balances due up to and through the date of termination.

If Client decides to terminate Kamp Kanine services for any reason, Client shall notify Kamp Kanine of intent to cancel within 45 days of last date of service. No refund will be issued if notification of cancellation is not received within this time frame. With proper notification, Client will be entitled to a refund of 50% of any prepaid fees left on account and a credit will be issued for the remaining balance after refund. Credits are transferable and can be gifted. (All dogs must be approved by Kamp Kanine prior to gifting any credits.)

Veterinarian, Veterinarian Hospital Or
Emergency Services

In event of an emergency, Kamp Kanine will make every effort to contact your veterinarian. Should your veterinarian be unavailable, or should Kamp Kanine deem it necessary to take your dog to the nearest emergency facility for immediate treatment, Kamp Kanine will do so at its discretion for treatment and care by the veterinarian on duty at that time.


This Agreement is binding upon Client and their successors, heirs, and assigns. This Agreement supersedes all prior discussions, representations, warranties, and agreements of the parties and expresses the entire Agreement between Client and Kamp Kanine regarding the matters described in this Agreement. This Agreement may be amended only by a written instrument signed by both the Client and Kamp Kanine.

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed under California law, without application of its conflicts or choice of law rules. Client and Kamp Kanine irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts located in San Diego, California for any action or proceeding regarding this Agreement, and Client irrevocably waives any right to object to the exclusive jurisdiction or venue of the courts in San Diego, California.