K9 Nose Work

$165.00 / month

K9 Nose Work® is the fun scenting activity that virtually all dogs and their people can enjoy.

K9 Nose Work® starts with getting the dogs excited about using their noses to seek out a favorite toy or treat hidden in one of several boxes. As the dogs grow more confident with their noses, the game expands to entire rooms, exterior areas and vehicles. Advanced K9 Nose Work® focuses on increasing your dog’s skills, adding target odors and much more!

K9 Nose Work® Scent Detection Klass –
Saturday, 4/13/19, 11:30 AM

Kamp Klasses run approximately 45 minutes to 1.5 hours – weather permitting.

Location: Kamp Kanine – 389 Requeza St, Encinitas, CA

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Due to the weather forecast, our 10/13 classes are canceled and will be rescheduled for 10/15. Please see further details here → Dismiss