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Doggy Daycare of the year vote, Dogs not wanting to leave car, Venmo, PayPal & Zelle payments + Yard Improvements


Greetings Kamper Owners,

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On occasion we have dogs who are reluctant to leave the car to come into Kamp.  There are a several reasons for this behavior.  The most common is attachment to the owner and not liking the prospect of being separated, compounding the challenge is if the owner believes the dog is exhibiting fear the dog picks up on the owners anxiety and is more set on staying in the car.  Might we suggest contacting Kamp Kanine shortly before arrival or on arrival and ask for assistance bringing your dog into Kamp Kanine and stay in the drivers seat while we collect your dog(s)?  Kamp Kanine has had over 33,000 dogs visit for daycare while Hali, our Kamp Manager has been employed here so you can be certain that Hali has quite a bit of experience in this area.  Let us know if you want help.

Electronic Payment Options:  Venmo, PayPal and Zelle payments we take all and daycare packages are processed at the credit card price as there are processing fees with these services.  Venmo handle is @kampkanine, PayPal handle is KampKanine and Zelle handle is 858-947-8435.  

In 2024 Kamp Kanine has added well over 2,000 square feet of leisure artificial grass, which has a higher density of longer blades to reduce heat on the hot days and facilitate drainage on the wet ones.  In addition, Kamp Kanine has added over 150 bags of fill and over 80 pavers to enhance speedy drainage and rapid dry, so that your dog(s) return to you cleaner and dryer than they have previously. 

Lastly, we have added over 700 square feet of additional shade area in one of our main yards just this last week 

Here is a 25 second clip of Kamp Kanine Kampers running up the runway to meet their owners, see link below.

Runway Dogs #5

Thank you for your patronage