Denelle Curry

Denelle Curry is the owner and head trainer of Kamp Kanine.  She is a Certified Professional Dog trainer and has been working with dogs full time for 13 years.  Denelle moved to San Diego from Manhattan Beach in 2000 to attend UCSD where she graduated with a degree in Sociology and Spanish.  The internship that was required for graduation led her to the possibility of working with animals.  She was training her chocolate lab puppy Kronk with a local training company and was approved to intern with them.  After graduation, she continued that internship for a year.  During the internship process, she worked 3 years as a holistic, and western medicine veterinary technician at Cardiff Animal Hospital.  Denelle volunteered at Rancho Coastal Humane Society and with Friends of the Sea Lion in Laguna Beach to gain experience around different animals.  She worked for a local dog training company for 10 years and in 2011 became a co-owner of Kamp Kanine.  As of June 2017, Denelle and her family have become the full and proud owners of Kamp Kanine.  Denelle is also employed by Scripps Hospital system as their Dog Therapy Advisor.

Denelle and her husband Gian are the proud owners of four spoiled dogs, Pacman, Spanky, Jaws and Stanley.  All four dogs are certified therapy dogs with either Alliance of Therapy Dogs, Scripps Hospital, or Pawsitive Teams.  Denelle is very passionate about her volunteer work with Pawsitive Teams ( and loves to help with therapy dog programs, service dog training, and instructing Therapy Dog Prep School.  As a hobby, she likes to show dogs in confirmation, especially Labradors, and likes to compete in Rally Obedience.

Jaime Weber

Jaime is a San Diego native and the Office Manager at Kamp Kanine.  She handles all of our day-to-day activity and manages up to 20 employees.  Not only is Jaime our accounting expert, but she is also a very skilled dog handler. She has successfully handled many board and train clients over the years. Jaime began her career working for Bob Baker in the finance department.  In 2009 she decided to switch gears and join Kamp Kanine.  During that time, Jaime managed the office but was also a fantastic certified Pet Sitter.  Jaime and her husband Andy have four personal dogs, Bozlee and Dalton (terrier rescues), Biff an English Yellow Labrador, and Riggs a lemon spotted Beagle rescue.  They are also an amazing foster home for many dogs in need that come through Kamp Kanine.  Currently, they have a dog ironically named Foster who is available for adoption.  Jaime shows dogs in confirmation and is also working on finishing her Rally Obedience Titles with Biff.  Jaime and Andy graduated from Paws’itive Teams Therapy Dog Prep School with Biff and Riggs and look forward to doing some volunteer work in the near future. In their spare time, Jaime and Andy enjoy traveling. Kamp Kanine is very blessed to have such a dedicated manager, and together, we are looking forward to expanding our Kamp Kanine Services.

Annie Sutton

Annie, a native Texan, moved to San Diego and began working at Kamp Kanine in 2012. She is currently attending CSUSM to finish a Biology degree she began at Texas A&M University. She and her husband, Michael, have been married since 2012 and enjoy vinyl records, board games, camping and hiking, going to breweries, and traveling. Annie has always loved animals, from snakes to cats, and has owned many dogs in her childhood. She currently has a 9 year old Pomeranian named Biggie and a 1 year old Australian Shepherd named Queen. As the Yard Supervisor at Kamp Kanine, she has gained invaluable experience in dog training and dog behavior over the past 5 years.  Annie assists daily with the “In-Kamp” obedience and agility training. Annie is also invaluable in the Kamp office and is loved by all of our klients for her bright smile and positive attitude.  She and her Aussie Queen have begun a pursuit into therapy dog work, rally obedience competitions, and agility competitions to continue to build training skills and bond with her dog.  Our Kamp Clients love Annie and we are very lucky to have her on staff.

Megan Bender

Megan is a Yard Supervisor at Kamp.  She also teaches Agility Klasses and Puppy Socialization for Kamp Kanine on the weekends.  Megan moved to San Diego from Sacramento in 2010 to attend UCSD, where she graduated with a degree in Economics and a minor in Accounting.  Her first job was in a veterinary hospital, and she continued to pursue her passion for animals by volunteering in the medical department at the San Diego Humane Society. Prior to Kamp Kanine, Megan was a mergers and acquisitions analyst and an accountant for a local San Diego firm.  During that time, she fostered young puppies for the animal shelter, and also took many petsitting jobs through   After joining Kamp in 2016, Megan jumped in with two feet to learn about dog behavior and obedience training.  She has done an amazing job balancing her yard and office tasks, while pursuing her goals to become a dog trainer.  In her spare time, Megan enjoys backpacking, breweries, and beaching at OB Dog Beach. Although she does not currently have her own dog, she has niece and nephew puppies, both Foxhound mixes, who join her at Kamp most days of the week.

Austin Stricker

Austin has been passionate about animals his entire life.  Austin has been working at Kamp Kanine since he was a 17-year-old high school student as a volunteer.  When he graduated in 2013, it was obvious that we wanted him to become a permanent staff member.  In addition to being our Lead Keeper, Austin is also our Kamp Photographer.  Most of the photos you see on this website were taken by him.  His goal in life is to become a professional photographer and the dogs at Kamp Kanine have been so generous in being his test subjects every day!

Austin says that his work at Kamp has been the perfect combination of the two things he loves best…..dogs and photography.  Our Klients are always impressed and thrilled to receive an Austin original photo.

Andrew George

Andrew has grown up loving dogs.  He came to Kamp to gain more dog handling experience to further his dream of becoming a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine or becoming a dog trainer for the military or police.  Before coming to Kamp, he already had 3 years of vet assistant work and volunteer work at a local shelter.  Andrew quickly progressed from a Kamp Keeper to the position of Van Driver and was then put in charge of our ever growing hiking program.  He oversees a second hiker and up to 12 dogs to safely ensure that they have a long and super fun hiking experience.  It is clear that Andrew has a deep passion for animals, and we expect big things from him in the future!

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