Kamp Kanine Requirements

Getting Started

Setting up an appointment ...

You and your dog will need to come by first for a K9 behavior assessment. We want both you and your kanine to feel comfortable with our facility as this is an important step to ensure that your dog will have an enjoyable experience at Kamp Kanine. All dogs over the age of 6 months must be neutered/spayed and some form of topical or internally administrated flea control. We also have some breed restrictions. Once your dog has completed the evaluation, you can fill-out the forms on-line on the links provided below, or we will provide you with all of the forms and documents you will need to enroll your dog in day kamp.

Required Forms

Wow, what a great place!
I love that Kamp Kanine has high standards for the dogs who can participate and for the people who work at the camp. My dog, Seamus, is beside himself with excitement every time we pull up to Kamp Kanine. It makes me feel at ease to know that he is in the best care and is well loved. Kounselors take pictures of the dogs' day, so I get to see the fun my little guy had while I was away. Lisa S.

Kamp Kanine Required FormsAfter your dog has been evaluated by Kamp Kanine, you will need to complete the required forms to enroll your dog in kamp.

All of the document listed need to be filled-out and received by us prior to your dogs first day at kamp.

The vet form is to be filled-out by your veterinarian and all vaccinations and tests must be completed before your dogs first day. The fecal tests require a "negative" and "none seen" result so these will need to be performed and the results received before your dog can attend kamp.

Love these folks!  They are so great with my dog and he loves, loves, loves going there.  Wish I could afford to send him daily but he goes about 3x a week. Tram L.

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