Kamp Kanine Offers Non-Aesthetic Gentle Dental Service

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Many pet owners are understandably apprehensive about using traditional dental cleaning methods on their beloved friends. Why put them under anesthesia unless absolutely necessary? We offer a safe, effective alternative at an affordable cost. For pets with loose or fractured teeth, advanced periodontal disease, aggressive and/or hyperactive behavior issues... anesthesia with your regular family vet is obviously necessary for the safety and care of all. Any patient we find that might need more complex dental work in the future will be advised.

How Does The Smilepet Process Work?

The attending veterinarian will do an exam of your dog and chart all findings. All dental cleanings then start with careful hand scaling. If the pet allows (and most do) a professional ultrasonic unit is also used. In the hands of a skilled hygienist, an ultrasonic unit is a gentle and extremely effective method of removing plaque and calculus below the gum line. The next step of the procedure is a thorough polishing of the tooth enamel surfaces using hygienic disposable prophy angles and paste. Finally, an antimicrobial rinse and an enzymatic dental gel are applied to inhibit bacteria and plaque. The whole process takes approximately one hour. All equipment is completely cleaned and sterilized by autoclave. Our attention to detail will send your animal friend home with shiny clean teeth and fresh breath, without the use of anesthesia.

Schedule an Appointment 

All scheduling is done through the SmilePet website. Spaces are limited so please make your appointment as soon as possible. We can put you on a waitlist should an opening become available. We can also place you on a future date list so that when next months schedule is posted we can place you in a spot.

Make an Online Appointment 1. Click on Non-Aesthetic Dental   2. Choose Kamp Kanine   3. Choose date and time

If a current calendar is not listed, please call Denelle and she can waitlist or future list you.

Need more information? Visit SmilePet.us or Call Denelle at 858-947-8435